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Superdonatori.ro is a fundraising platform belonging to the nongovernmental charity organization HOSPICE Casa Speranței having as goal raising funds in order to deliver free services to adult and children patients affected by incurable diseases.. So far, over 20,000 people suffering from incurable diseases, children and adults, have benefited from the free services provided by HOSPICE Casa Speranței. You can also contribute to help these patients.


How can you do that? Simple.


If you have an object that you no longer use (but functional), you can donate it to us. We collect these items that you no longer use, photograph them, add a description, and then upload them on the website. Someone else can get that object, but in exchange we ask for a donation to HOSPICE Casa Speranței.

This platform is an online charity-shop that contains products at best prices, from small appliances and books, to various accesories and even small objects of furniture. Thus, anyone accessing the platform can donate money by purchasing products, money that will go to HOSPICE Casa Sperantei.

Let us join our superforces and be superdonors!


The nongovernmental charity organization HOSPICE Casa Speranței was founded in 1992 in Brașov, at the initiative of Graham Perolls from the UK. Thus, the founder introduced the concept of palliative care in Romania, modeled after the existing humanitarian foundations in the United Kingdom, a model created by Cicely Saunders, the one who founded the modern care type of "the hospice".

The palliative care provided by HOSPICE Casa Sperantei aims to improve patient’s quality of life and of their families through medical care, social support, psycho-emotional and spiritual counseling, when they are facing problems generated by an incurable disease.

For 24 years, first in Brașov and then in Bucharest, Făgăraș and Zărnești, HOSPICE Casa Speranței has developed comprehensive palliative care services that are offered in day care centers, outpatient care and our own hospitalization units, in patients' homes or partner hospitals.


In the early 1990s, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei started with a small mobile medical team that provided home care to patients with incurable diseases from Brașov. Slowly, by overcoming difficulties of all sorts, the organization grew and created a palliative care center in Brasov in 2002 – the first one in the country to gather all palliative care services in one place. The center has different departments for adults and children, with hospitalization units, day care centers, physiotherapy areas, a psychological counseling office and a unit for outpatient care. The center also has dedicated teams for providing palliative care in patients' homes.


In 2006, the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei services have extended to Bucharest, where mobile teams began providing patients home care and partner hospitals care. In 2008, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei established mobile teams in Făgăraș and Zărnești.


In 2012 the Florescu family donated to HOSPICE Casa Sperantei a property in the village of Adunații Copăceni, located about 20 kilometers from Bucharest. Here, the organization began organizing a socio-medical center for children suffering from diseases with limited life expectancy, as well as their families. The HOSPICE Casa Sperantei socio-medical center from Adunații Copăceni is designed as a space where they can find support and comfort when faced with social and financial problems due to the disease.


An important milestone for the organization and for palliative care was the inauguration of a modern palliative care center in Bucharest in September 2014, after an investment of EUR 5.7 million.


2016 was another important year for HOSPICE Casa Speranței, inaugurating the pediatric department of the HOSPICE Center in Bucharest on the 18th of May, with fully-integrated care services. The ward consists of a unit with beds for children suffering from incurable and life-limiting diseases, a day care center, an office for consultations, the HOSPICE School, a multisensory stimulating room, a cabinet for functional explorations, a kinesiology room and a home care team that also addresses partner hospitals. The total cost of the project was EUR 610,000, a budget that includes the arrangement and equipment of the ward, the staff training and operating costs over a period of two years. 75% of this cost was covered by Kaufland Romania.

The mission of HOSPICE Casa Speranței is not limited to taking care of people suffering from incurable diseases in Brașov, Bucharest, Făgăraș, Zărnești and the surrounding areas, but extends nationally and internationally through informational and educational programs dedicated to professionals, patients and the community, and by improving the dedicated legislation.


Learn more about HOSPICE Casa Speranței by visiting www.hospice.ro.

So far, over 20,000 people suffering from incurable diseases - children and adults - have benefited from the free care services offered by HOSPICE Casa Sperantei. They and their families have learned they are not alone in their fight with the disease.

Superdonatori is made with the support of KMG International

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